Jimmy Lehoux

Acoustic Guitar and Lead Vocals

Jimmy Lehoux

Jimmy Lehoux

Jimmy Lehoux is that rarest breed of country singer – one with style and substance.  One who is determined to make history, not just repeat it.

Though his life is steeped in the traditions of country, Lehoux’s music is stamped with his own unique style.  He honors the past, but refuses to live in it and that is why he continues to push the boundaries of country music forward, creating an exciting new blend that is as emotionally potent as it is commercially appealing.

That is just what you would expect from this iconic, straight-talking, did-it-his-own-way kind of cowboy.  He’s the kind of singer who didn’t have to think twice about making a living playing country music.  That’s because country music has been an integral part of his life since before he could talk, a fact that is even more impressive considering he was born and raised in New Hampshire.

Whether it was fate or perhaps a calling, Lehoux was destined to be a country music singer and songwriter and his story and musical journey began almost at birth. By the time he was three, he was singing songs along with the radio.  He got his first guitar at age nine and began performing in his family’s church.  At sixteen, he recorded six songs in a Nashville recording studio and shortly after the New Hampshire Country Music Association named him the Youth Male Vocalist of the Year.  Jimmy continued to win awards and garner critical acclaim as he formed a band and began taking his home state by storm.

Jimmy Lehoux and the Lehousiana Boys packed clubs and earned a reputation for a ferocious live show.  Jimmy soon began getting calls to open for country music and rock legends like Alabama, Charlie Daniels, Pam Tillis, Little Feat, Marshall Tucker and Molly Hatchet to name a few.

After years of nonstop performances, Lehoux took a break to cut thirteen new tracks in Nashville with producer Tom McBee.  Jimmy describes the project saying, “For this record we wanted to stretch the limits of country music to create a very distinct but very traditional country sound.  We wanted to find a blend of something really commercially viable, but still different enough to help the music stand out”.   Producer McBee relied on years of working closely with artists and with radio to help Jimmy capture the frenetic, explosive energy of his live shows and mix it with ballads and narrative story songs that engage the heart as well as the mind.

McBee tapped some of Nashville’s best songwriters to find the seamless blend of old and new on “Thirteen”.  Gems like the Jimmy Buffett influenced “Twenty Toes In The Sand” (Tom Stipe/Liz Miller), the potent ballad “Turn Off My Heart” (Ken Bell/Charles Quillen) and other great songs from Brett James, Tony Martin, Mark Nesler, Nathan Woodard and others.  Thirteen is track after track of great songs from a singer at the top of his game and comfortable in his own skin.

Go ahead, put Thirteen in your CD player and let the music take hold of you.  And if you listen carefully, there is a distinct sound that comes through on Thirteen – one you don’t get to hear very often.

It’s the sound of history in the making.