Vinnie Mirisola

Fiddle, Steele, Mando, Guitar and Vocals

Vinnie Mirisola

Vinnie Mirisola

In second grade Vinnie started taking violin in the school system. “I liked playing violin, I liked music and I liked hearing Mom & Dad sing together.” In sixth grade Vinnie started to play guitar, jamming with friends in their backyard and his basement.

In high school Vinnie started playing out. Cover Bands and a few original projects became his past-time. He went to college for engineering and continued his musical sideline. “It’s no wonder my life decisions are always influenced by the thought, how would this affect my music?”. After college He played in Norstar doing the Disco Hotel Circuit. Funk 49 and Tower of Power was where it was at. In the early eighties he joined Gunsmoke, a smoking’ Southern Rock band. The Allman Brothers, Outlaws, Lynard Skynard, CDB & Marshall Tucker became part of who he would become. It was full-time club after club.

Vinnie picked up the fiddle again, this time with the influence of Charlie Daniels. At that time an original project with Sam And The Buca’s yielded some great music and great friendships. In the nineties he dove into Classic Rock with Broken Pieces and Run For Cover. “I enjoy bringing my experience to a band environment. I find value in being a good utility player.”

Vinnie has won solo and band competition awards several times in Boston and Las Vegas. he enjoys entertaining the crowd with a fiddle, and he can get serious with a band when sitting at the pedal steel. Playing rock guitar, mandolin or classical and acoustic guitar comes second nature to him.

Vinnie’s influences range from Steve Howe of Yes, Pete Townsend and Carlos Santana.